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WorkQC+ supports

AKF in its mission to
eradicate the dog meat
trade in the Philippines. 

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Our Contribution
Our partnership with AKF entails delivering support in marketing and sales endeavors with the objective of enhancing fundraising initiatives and extending the reach of their message to the most extensive audience possible.
With the aid of these tools, AKF will have the capacity to advance its mission and extend its reach to additional countries globally.
Our Work
Redesign of the website and transfer of the domain on a global scale.
Implementation of a payment gateway on the website for the processing of donations.
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Social Media Advertisement - Leads Generation.
Design of Brochures and Sign-up Document.
Email marketing campaigns.

Become an
Animal Defender!

You too can help us eradicate the dog meat trade and give thousands of animals in the Philippines a second chance.

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