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WorkQC+: Loud and Proud


For WorkQC+, Pride Month is an important moment as we are a company committed to diversity and inclusion. Is a great opportunity to educate our employees that people from different backgrounds and experiences have different perspectives, which can lead to greater innovation and creativity.

In June, we celebrated Pride Month as an event dedicated to the LGBT+ community. The event was widely attended by our employees, and also with the attendance of distinguished members of the LGBT community, such as the Kaisa Queen of Tarlac City 2023, Rhen Magat Faustino, LGBTQIA Tarlac-President William Magtuloy, Zaida Garibay (Prov. Director), who enjoyed recreational activities, informative workshops, and inspiring talks with the goal of continuing to create an inclusive work environment for everyone, and staying in the fight to expand diversity and equality across all borders.

WorkQC+ pride day

Together, we are building an inclusive workspace for everyone

As part of this activity, our CEO and founder of WorkQC Group, John Kennedy, gave words of support and unity to continue encouraging these spaces of inclusion for everyone in the company and around the world

"We have always worked hard to provide a great place to work for everyone, regardless of their gender identity, race, religion or anything... I'm incredibly proud to be part of the company that is actively partaking in this movement and on behalf of working together. I'd like to extend a special thank you for your ongoing support. Together, we are building an inclusive, welcoming workspace for everyone here".

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