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On November 1st, WorkQC+ celebrated Halloween with a fun and successful integration event. 

Our team enjoyed an afternoon full of activities at our offices in the Philippines. The main event was the best decoration competition between departments, where all teams used their creativity to win the grand prize.

At WorkQC+, we believe that a good work environment is essential for the success of any company. A united and motivated team is more productive, creative, and resilient.

That's why we regularly organize integration activities. These activities help us create a more fun, collaborative, and supportive work environment.

WorQC+ the best place to work in Luzon, Philippines!

WorkQC+ promotes a variety of integration activities within our call center. We are confident that these activities have a positive impact on the work environment, benefiting not only our team but also the broader community in the Philippines.

  • They break the ice and foster mutual understanding. When employees get to know each other better, they are more likely to feel comfortable with each other and develop positive relationships.

  • They create a sense of belonging. Integration activities help employees feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. This can help improve morale and engagement.

  • They promote collaboration. Integration activities that require teamwork can help employees learn to cooperate and solve problems together.

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